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 VanGuarDz Official Thread

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PostSubject: VanGuarDz Official Thread   Mon May 11, 2009 12:24 pm



Welcome to Vanguard,

Yes, it is a fresh start of Vanguard. We've been waiting for this.
A newly reborn Vanguard is back in action.

What are looking for friendly gamers who will respect both players and the game itself.
Professional gamers or what you call them hard core gamers are welcome here as well.

Mistake has no room my friend.
This is a race my brothers, a battle of who goes first and who will be left behind.

We will prioritize to level up ahead as much as possible but at the same time helping each other to achieve our goals.


Rules and Regulations:

No random PK (player kill).

- Members of this guild are not allowed to random PK
You can kill only if they engaged first.
(you can kill a player without asking if HE belongs to the K.O.S (Kill on Sight) Guild list .

Respect our fellow members (Respect).

- members must respect each other in this guild regarding who or what they are.

Avoid spamming in our guild thread / guild chat.

Use English or Tagalog in our guild thread.

- not all members can understand your dialects.

Guild mates are priority in parties.

- As much as possible always have a guild party for grinding, boss hunt, etc...

Must be active specially on CW's (Club Wars/Guild Wars).

- members of this guild is obliged to participate in Club Wars/ Raid.
declared by our Guild Leader.

No Begging.

- don’t worry we’ll help you as much as we can.

Enjoy the game!!!

Ignorance of the law excuse no one.


No level requirements.
as long as you are contented on the above statements.

for Guild Invitations PM the Following.

---Tibing`xD, `YanDy`, ``RalphZkie``
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VanGuarDz Official Thread
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